Sacred Circle Dance

  1. UK Circle Dance Network site.
  2. A Great Circle - Ezine produced by Andy Bettis with topical articles about Sacred Circle Dance. Back copies also available on-line.
  3. Sacred Circle Dance in York.
  4. Sacred Circle Dance based in Knoxville Tennessee.
  5. Sacred Circle Dance in Sweden.

One Humanity

  1. World Goodwill - offering a goodwill perspective on human development. A service activity of the Lucis Trust.
  2. One World - an innovating media organisation highlighting one world initiatives and providing links with other groups and organisations.

Complementary Therapies

  1. In Balance Magazine - An Holistic Health Magazine with articles and features for everyone interested in alternative health, healing and lifestyles, including a listing of therapists
  2. Alexander Technique - information and books available throughout the world on this popular therapy.

Local events

  1. For news, events, activities and everything East Hampshire, go to East Hampshire Communities website
  2. For events in Haslemere, Surrey, go to the Haslemere community website

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