The Sevenfold Circle: Self Awareness in Dance


Lynn Frances and Richard Bryant-Jefferies

This book was published by Findhorn Press in 1998. It can be obtained through Amazon.

The book was reprinted and has a new cover:

'The Sevenfold Circle' describes the journeys of two people who, whilst coming from vey different backgrounds, found their lives converging. The subsequent release of creativity led to a series of workshops designed to give people an immediate experience of themselves and each other.

It all began with the idea of dancing personality types. The Seven Ray psychological model (Richard's background) introduces us to the leader, the carer, the activist, the peacemaker, the thinker, the idealist and the organiser. Through Sacred Circle Dances (community dances from around the world, which Lynn teaches) we discover whether these qualities live in us.

Dance is a basic feature of human expression - many cultures use it as a ritual means of celebration, and of honouring transitions in life and nature. However, modern materialistic and individualistic lifestyles have separated us from these traditional ways.

Today, when so many are searching for meaning in their lives, when a sense of community has been lost, Self Awareness in Dance workshops offer us a way of engaging in a journey of self discovery. We can empower ourselves to create once again those vital shared experiences that enable us to realise our human and spiritual potential.

The themes of the Self Awareness in Dance workshops include:
the faces of love and power
the characters in Winnie-the-Pooh
the Soulís journey through the zodiac
and the symbolism of the cross and circle.

The Sevenfold Circle contains visualisations and ideas
for reflection, offering us the opportunity to develop our
own self-awareness, showing how dance can help us
to understand ourselves and our relationships.
You will want to experience it for yourself,
to discover more of yourself.

This book is for everyone seeking a fresh look at life.

Lynn travels extensively with her workshops both in England and abroad.

'I have just finished reading "The Sevenfold Circle" and wanted to let you know how inspirational I have found it. Thank you for writing the book."

'Congratulations on "The Sevenfold Circle"! I expected to enjoy it but not to find in a book on circle dance such wisdom and inspiration. In so many places subjects that I have studied ... suddenly became clear; I saw new ways of looking at the familiar.'

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