Self-Awareness in Dance

I run one- and two-day workshops on a diversity of themes using Sacred Circle Dance, visualisation and group discussion.

  1. Dancing the Maze and the Spiral
  2. Dancing the Triple Goddess
  3. Dancing the Celtic Year
  4. A Little Smackerel of Something
  5. Bridging the Gender Gap
  6. Fire in the Heart, Fire in the Sun
  7. Dancing the Sevenfold Energies of Life
  8. The Cross and The Circle: Living Symbols
  9. From the Love of Power to the Power of Love
  10. Celebrating the Spirit in a Material World
  11. Transition from the Old to the New
  12. Dancing Around the World
  13. Beyond Balance: Towards Complementarity
  14. Dancing the Zodiac: A Soul's Journey to Greater Light
  15. Current workshop programme

Dancing the Maze and the Spiral

Ancient traditions understood the power and significance of the labyrinth. Spiral shapes adorn ancient rock carvings and today we find the treading of a path through a maze to be a meaningful experience. We explore through dance the significance and wisdom that these ancient symbols can convey. Nature contains within it a geometry that is truly sacred, rooted in fundamental proportions of scale. Buildings designed with these proportions always feel 'right', and evoke from us a deeper sense of self and well-being. We dance the sacred geometry of nature. We use Sacred Circle Dance to experience the wonder of dancing in spirals, and of undertaking the spiritual journey. A popular feature of the workshop is the creation, by participants, of their own paper labyrinth, large enough to walk.

Dancing the Triple Goddess

The concept of the Triple Goddess is part of many ancient traditions, including Greek and Celtic. The Triple Goddess represents three aspects of the feminine. In this workshop, we investigate in Circle Dance, visualisation and discussion, the maiden, known as the virgin or the bride; the mother; and the wise old woman. This is an opportunity for both men and women of all ages to explore certain aspects of their nature.

Dancing the Celtic Year

We explore the meaning, symbolism and mystery of the Celtic Festivals, starting with the Celtic New Year - Samhain - at the beginning of November; the return of the light - Imbolc - at the beginning of February; balancing masculine and feminine - Beltane - at the beginning of May; the first harvest - Lammas - at the beginning of August. I also offer individual workshops for each of these festivals.

A Little Smackerel of Something

The stories of Winnie-the-Pooh are loved by children and adults alike. They give us an insight into psychological types and processes. Join us in a ‘playshop’ and discover the hidden characters in you. Do you feel like Eyore in the mornings? Is there a timid Piglet in you? Are you a serious Owl? Do you get bounced by Tiggers? Or are you a mothering Kanga? By dancing the characters in the Winnie-the-Pooh stories we will discover whether Pooh and his friends can shed light on our way of being. We might even benefit from Pooh's simple wisdom!

Bridging the Gender Gap: Transcending the Masculine/Feminine Divide

We encounter the duality of feminine/masculine, honouring both, whilst discovering that there is a deeper reality, a place of transcendence where we can become more complete human beings, where diversity merges into a unity. Using dances that can be considered masculine and feminine, we experience the contrast between the two. Then we bring the two together using dances that emphasise co-operation, 'oneness', completeness.

Fire in the Heart, Fire in the Sun

A day to attune to the fiery power and nurturing radiance of the great symbol of the soul in the heavens - the sun. Using dances that capture many of the faces of the sun and of the heart, we will deepen our connection to this symbolic and factual source of light, love and power in our world.

Dancing the Sevenfold Energies of Life

There is a sevenfold quality in creation - colours of the rainbow, notes in the musical scale. Is this sevenfoldness expressed through psychological types?

  1. the leader
  2. the carer
  3. the activist
  4. the peacemaker
  5. the thinker
  6. the devotee
  7. the ritualist

Using Sacred Circle Dance and a model of these sevenfold energies we can come to a greater understanding of ourselves.

The Cross and the Circle: Living Symbols

Symbols are like windows: we see through them to the truth beyond. We explore these two most ancient symbols that are to be found at the core of so many spiritual traditions, seeking a personal experience of what they can mean. Dances have been chosen to bring a sense of contrast, allowing us to trace the pattern and shape of the cross and the circle through movement. This is a rewarding experience at Easter or any other time of year.

From the Love of Power to the Power of Love

The title captures the flavour of the journey on which this workshop takes us. Can we move beyond personal power and gain a sense of that greater power that is rooted in a greater love? We are often encouraged to 'take our own power' yet this can be very destructive: it must be tempered with a love for all things and all people, otherwise it is selfish and greedy. The world needs strong, powerful people with a loving and compassionate vision. In dance we can experience these qualities and know what it feels like to possess them. The day will take us on a journey through the stage of love of self and the discovery of personal power to the realisation of a greater love whose power knows no bounds.

Celebrating the Spirit in a Material World

How often is the spiritual realm ignored or misunderstood? We celebrate the presence and power of the Spirit within us to transform the material world. We begin by exploring the idea of Divinity. We then look at how through groups and in community we can strive to express spiritual qualities. Finally, we consider our individual lives as an expression of the spirit. A truly uplifting experience near Christmas or at any other time of the year.

Transition from the Old to the New

Life is all about movement and process. We are constantly subjected to change and with this comes the challenge of transition. We explore this key aspect of the human experience and celebrate the movement from the past to the future via the present. This workshop can be run at New Year to help us make meaningful resolutions, however it is relevant whatever the time of year. Each moment (the present) is potentially a time of renewal, a time of transition from what was to what will be. How we use it makes a difference.

Dancing around the World

A day to enjoy and experience the diverse moods and meaning of dances from many different countries. We will take a journey and on our trip around the world there will be time to reflect on the challenges that face peoples and regions within our global community. This new workshop is already proving to be extremely popular, great fun and a wonderful way of promoting a sense of interconnectedness with the greater human family.

Beyond Balance: Towards Complementarity

Immersed in the dualities of life - masculine/feminine, dependence/independence, poverty/wealth, yin/yang - we are constantly struggling to balance these 'opposites'. Yet maybe we can relate to them more positively as complements, as flip sides of a single coin. Does this change of perception have the potential to create unity and harmony where there was division and conflict? We will explore the duality of existence as complements rather than opposites. Can we use apparently opposing aspects of human nature more creatively? Can we transcend our give-and-take-world?

Dancing the Zodiac: A Soul's Journey into Greater Light

A day of dance, learning and fun exploring the greater journey we each take over many lives as we move in consciousness under zodiacal influence towards initiation and liberation. We trace the Soul's path through all the signs of the zodiac from Aries, the sign of commencement, through the fluid duality of Gemini, to a realisation of personal power in Leo. Libra brings balance and a time to reflect and make choices, while fiery one-pointedness towards the goal of initiation emerges in Sagittarius. Through world service in Aquarius we find final liberation from the wheel of rebirth in Pisces.

I am always looking for new opportunities to run ‘Self Awareness in Dance’ workshops. Please contact Lynn if you would like a workshop for your group, or if you know of a venue or centre in your area that would be interested. I am happy to design workshops around a theme that you give to me. I also give talks and 'taster' evenings for groups.

A book co-authored by myself and Richard Bryant-Jefferies about these workshops The Sevenfold Circle: Self Awareness in Dance was published in May 1998 and has been a Findhorn Press Bestseller.

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